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Have you ever heard that brushing your teeth is very important to the health of your mouth? Did you know that we recommend brushing your pearly whites twice daily for two minutes at a time, or that you should start brushing in a different part of your mouth each time? Still, while brushing properly is vital, did you know that it is equally important to care for your brush as well?

Sadly, if you choose the wrong toothbrush, you may actually damage your pearly whites. A toothbrush made with hard bristles can actually damage your gums and teeth. Unfortunately, brushing too hard may also damage your teeth. We also recommend replacing your toothbrush every three or four months. You should also remember to replace your brush after you have a cold or flu.

You should also know that caring for your brush properly is extremely important. We suggest rinsing your toothbrush out with tap water every time you use it. You should also store your brush in an upright, open, position where it can air dry. If you don’t, bacteria and germs could grow on your brush. This might leave you much more vulnerable to decay and oral infections.

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