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When you think of different types of crowns, your first thought may be that of diadems and tiaras. However, where dental crowns are concerned, the materials they are created from make the differences between them, as do the benefits of these different materials. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of dental crowns available.


Ceramic crowns are becoming more popular because they help you to maintain the appearance of your smile. These porcelain-based restorations are often used for the front teeth in your mouth, however, they can be brittle under heavy biting forces.

Porcelain Fused To Metal

This crown has more strength than a ceramic one while still keeping your smile beautiful. In addition to strength and appearance, a porcelain fused to metal crown also does an excellent job at sealing to the tooth.

Gold Alloys

This strong crown is made of gold, copper, and other metals which are biocompatible with your gum tissue. One of the main benefits of a gold alloy crown is its resistance to wear and fracture.

Base Metal Alloys

Non-noble metals are used to create this wear-resistant crown. Unlike many other types of crowns, this one requires very little tooth tissue removal. It also does not cause damage to the opposing teeth in a bite.