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Did you know that cavities can cause a number of serious problems? For instance, if you don’t address you cavity quickly enough, you may eventually need root canal therapy. So you need to have a cavity filled as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to recognize a cavity in its early stages.

As you may have heard before, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our team once every six months. This will give our team the opportunity to examine your pearly whites and recognize issues such as a forming cavity. If we’re able to address these issues early enough, we may be able to treat them before they become too serious. During these appointments, we’ll also be able to clean parts of your teeth that you won’t be able to clean at home.

One common early sign of a cavity is pain. You may experience this pain consistently or just when you bite down. Developing sudden sensitivity can be another indicator of a cavity. Dark brown or black spots or visible holes in your teeth are indicators of cavities.

Fortunately, treating a cavity is fairly simple if it’s recognized early enough. If the decay has not broken through your enamel, our team could simply place a sealant. If your enamel is penetrated, our team will fill your tooth.

If you’re interested in learning more about treating or addressing a cavity, please don’t hesitate to contact Jolly Family Dentistry at 501.228.6360. Dr. Rebecca Barfield and our team are excited to hear from you soon!