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Lost teeth shouldn’t forever mar your smile. For those with missing teeth, dentures are a welcome improvement for function and appearance.

Modern dentures can be as natural looking as the teeth you were born with! OK, so you didn’t have any teeth when you were a baby but you know what I mean, right? Dentures give structure to your face and aid in speaking as well as eating. While they may never feel as good as the originals, today’s dentures are more comfortable, functional, and better looking than any that have come before.

It is important to properly maintain and care for your dentures so that they fit well and work as they are supposed to. You’ll want to keep regular visits to your dentist to account for changes in your mouth and gums and to ensure that any damage from wear and tear is repaired.

In between dental visits, follow these instructions for daily care:

– Dentures can break easily if dropped. To avoid damage, handle with care. Place something soft on the counter as a cushion where you take them out–just for safety.

– Maintain moisture at all times. Soak your dentures in water or solution when they are out of your mouth.

– Beware of warping. Dentures can deform if placed in hot water. Never boil them.

– Daily brushing for removal of stains, plaque and food. Prior to re-inserting your dentures, this should also be done to your gums, tongue, and palate for the same reasons–also to stimulate circulation.

– If dentures are chipped or broken, alert your dentist for repairs. You may damage them beyond the ability to be easily fixed if you try and do it yourself.

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