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Our dentist, Drs. Barfield, have a complex understanding of dentistry. They can treat many oral conditions and help you with any mouth pain that you have. All of us at Jolly Family Dentistry take pride in our work and want you to know some of the difficult pains that our dentists can eliminate.

A serious issue that attacks the gums and the bones that hold your teeth in place. If this not treated fast, tooth loss could occur. It can be fought with plaque removal and root scaling. Root scaling is the smoothing and cleaning of the bottom of the tooth to prevent further plaque build up.

Often caused when the soft tissue within the tooth swells up, toothaches can be treated by your dentists. There are various toothache procedures, but sometimes they just require anti-swelling agents.

Tooth Sensitivity
Sometimes, the enamel on the outside of the tooth breaks down, and a layer called “dentin” is revealed. It can be fixed with fillings and other treatments.

You’ve heard of cavities. They are one of the most common dental issues and are caused when bacteria makes small holes in the teeth. They can be treated with a dental filling.

This early stage of periodontitis also attacks the gums. It can be diagnosed by the swelling, bleeding, or receding of the gums. It can be treated in our office with cleaning agents and other dentistry techniques

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