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A toothache is more than just discomfort in the tooth area. It can happen in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. Generally, a toothache refers to the aching created when the nerves in your teeth pulp’s roots are damaged. This can be caused by infection, an oral accident or injury, poor oral health care habits, or tooth loss including extractions. In some cases, the pain may be felt in the mouth, face, ear, and jaw.

If any of the following difficulties occur, you’ll want to call Dr. Rebecca Barfield’s trusty dental team immediately:

– Your face is swollen, you have a fever, and there is an abscess or noticeable discharge seen or felt around the tooth.
– You feel the ache even after taking over-the-counter medications.
– Your wisdom teeth continue to cause pain after they have broken above the gum line, resulting in inflammation.
– High fevers or chills that stick around may be an indication of a toothache that needs professional treatment.
– A tooth has been forcibly knocked loose due to an accident or blunt trauma.
– You have facial rashes that cannot be easily explained or linked to another symptom.
– Severe aches continue for longer than 24 hours after a tooth has been pulled.

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