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Daily brushing and flossing are oral care habits that all children should practice in order to maintain their oral health. However, some kids struggle to remove plaque and food particles from the back teeth, and this can make it hard to keep their smiles clean despite proper oral care. Dr. Rebecca Barfield is pleased to offer dental sealants, which are painted onto the back teeth as thin coatings of dental resin. Dental sealants can help children and adults prevent tooth decay by protecting the back teeth and sealing out plaque.

Children and teens can benefit from dental sealants on their adult molars and premolars, especially if this treatment is applied to brand-new teeth that are highly prone to cavities. A common age to receive sealants is between six and 14. Adults may be candidates for sealants if their back teeth don’t have any dental fillings or tooth decay. We may even recommend that certain baby teeth receive sealants if the chewing surfaces have deep grooves that make the molars and premolars hard to clean. It’s important that baby teeth stay healthy so that they don’t fall out too soon and cause your smile to lose the proper spacing that the permanent teeth need to erupt properly.

Your child can enjoy as much as 10 years of use from their dental sealants, with examinations at each dental checkup to determine if the sealants need any repairs.

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