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At Jolly Family Dentistry, we love the holiday season: joyful festivities, shining decorations and time with family are a few of our favorite things. However, the holiday season can be a harmful time for your teeth what with all of the candies and sweets we tend to consume. If you are careful, you can protect your teeth by picking which snacks to enjoy and which to pass on. Here’s a small bit of additional information for you on which foods to munch on.

If you have a single rule to keep for your oral health during the holidays, we’d suggest that you pass on sticky foods. Sticky foods, as you could guess, stick to your teeth and become grounds for bacterial acids to erode the defensive layers of your teeth, eventually making cavities. Foods like dried cranberries, gumdrops and jelly beans are some of the worst offenders. Do all you can to pass on these foods and your teeth will be healthier; if you must consume them, be sure to brush and floss your teeth afterward to eliminate any leftover substance.

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