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Have you ever wanted to get the attention of that special someone in your life, but they just don’t seem to ever notice you? Rather than tormenting your self-esteem trying to figure out what it is about you that appears to be so forgettable, make a change today. The best option is to give yourself a reason to be noticed. With the help of Dr. Rebecca Barfield at Jolly Family Dentistry and the dental correction miracle Invisalign® aligner system, you can sport a smile so spectacular that you may attract even more attention than you could ever hope for.

Invisalign helps dramatically with oral health care. Invisalign aligners most notably are used to straighten crooked teeth. Straight teeth are not only more aesthetically pleasing, but are also much easier to clean than crooked teeth.

Invisalign makes for easier cleaning because the aligners are removable. Plaque buildup is one of the most important challenges standard braces face. Since Invisalign aligners are removable before meals, it dramatically decreases the chance of plaque buildup and tooth decay. Additionally, there are no food restrictions.

Invisalign aligners can also promote healthier teeth and gums. It helps put teeth back in their proper alignment and evenly spread out teeth that are crowded or are too close together.

Because the aligners are made from a dynamic thermoplastic, they are extremely smooth and comfortable. In addition, they are virtually invisible and 100% fully customizable.

Whatever your reasons may be to get your teeth fixed, you won’t regret making Invisalign your first choice.

If you would like to make an appointment, you can call us at 501.228.6360 to speak with a friendly member of our staff, or you can visit our office in Little Rock, Arkansas. Come on in, and get noticed with Invisalign today!