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While most people consider dentures to be only for older patients, but the truth is that any patient who has lost teeth has the option of choosing dentures. Thanks to modern advances in recent years, dentures have become significantly more effective in providing tooth replacement. We offer review of the benefits of dentures, their uses and the different types available.

After having dentures placed, you may find that they improve your life beyond restoring the appearance and quality of your smile. Dentures provide teeth where you didn’t have any, allowing you to regain your ability to eat well, pronounce words properly and sound like your normal self when you talk. Of your options for restorative dental treatments to replace teeth, dentures can be one of the most affordable investments.

You can receive one of the following three types of dentures depending on your dental needs:

– Full dentures: Another name for these is conventional dentures, and they are placed after a period of healing for the gums following tooth removal.
– Immediate dentures: You can receive dentures in the same day that teeth are extracted if you choose immediate full dentures.
– Partial dentures: If you are only missing a few teeth, you may be able to receive partial dentures, which attach to the neighboring teeth on each side.

The lifespan of dentures can be several years before repairs are needed, especially if you take proper care of your appliance. Clean your dentures morning and night and place them in a container of denture cleaner or water so that they don’t dry out when you aren’t wearing them.

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