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The occlusal or biting surface of your child’s back teeth will often have deep pits and fissures. While this helps them more efficiently chew and grind tough foods, it can also serve as a trap for residual food particles and plaque. If your Jolly Family Dentistry dentist notices a situation like this, they will likely recommend having dental sealants applied to these areas.

These are essentially durable plastic-resin that the dentist paints over these pits and fissures after your child’s regular dental checkup. This will effectively create a protective barrier preventing the pervasive bacteria in your child’s mouth from direct access to the tooth enamel.

This protective barrier will last up to two years. Just be sure that your child understands the dental sealants are only on the biting surface of the teeth. The rest of the enamel on each tooth will still be vulnerable to tooth decay.

They will still need to brush and floss their back teeth twice a day as part of their daily oral hygiene routine. The sealants can also be brushed, the resin material is very durable and won’t wear down by basic brushing.

If your child is due for their next dental checkup and you’re concerned about the condition of their back teeth, you should call Jolly Family Dentistry’s office in Little Rock, Arkansas at 501.228.6360 to ask about dental sealants.