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If you have ever sustained damage to the inner linings of a tooth, you will need a specialized branch of dentistry designed to help treat the pulp of tooth and tissues within the root. Through the use of endodontics, damaged and broken teeth that have suffered internal distress can be treated.

Endodontic trained dentists are skilled at repairing issues within a tooth’s root as they have received additional advanced training. This allows them to perform complex procedures and surgeries that would otherwise result in tooth extractions.

In some situations, teeth may end up impaired due to damage that has occurred. It may be possible through an endodontic treatment to not only restore the tooth but also bring back its functionalities that may have been lost. This includes restoring a tooth to its proper look and function for chewing foods. By avoiding tooth extractions, you also keep your other teeth healthy and free of dangers that come with missing teeth. In some cases, a tooth that has had a root canal treatment may continue to last a lifetime.

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